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Clone credit cards are counterfeit cards that are created by copying the information from a legitimate credit card. This involves obtaining the cardholder’s personal and financial information, such as the card number, expiration date, and security code.

This stolen information is then used to create a duplicate card that looks and functions like the original.

Clone credit cards can be created using various techniques, including skimming devices, hacking into payment systems, or obtaining card information through phishing scams.

Once the clone card is created, it can be used to make unauthorized transactions, just like the original card.

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Buy Clone Credit Cards

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The United States transitioned from using insecure magnetic stripe cards to more secure chip-and-PIN cards, regulated by the EMV standard, in an effort to enhance transaction security and reduce card fraud.

This shift was a significant step forward in combating card fraud that relied on cloning.

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Despite this progress, a group of cybercriminals from Brazil has recently developed a method to steal card data and successfully clone chip-and-PIN cards.

Our researchers presented their findings at the Security Analyst Summit 2018, and in this post, we will attempt to explain their complex work in a concise manner.

Our researchers discovered a modified version of malware used by a Brazilian group called Prilex. This malware targeted point-of-service (POS) terminals and collected card data.

It achieved this by modifying the POS software to capture the data transmitted to the bank, allowing the criminals to obtain the card data.

When you make a payment at an infected local shop, your card data is immediately transferred to the criminals.

However, obtaining the card data is only part of the process. To steal money, the criminals also needed to clone the cards, which is complicated due to the chips and their multiple authentications.

The Prilex group developed an infrastructure that enables its “customers” to create cloned cards, which theoretically shouldn’t be possible.

If you want to understand why this is possible, you can start by learning about how EMV cards work. We will try to explain the cloning process as simply as possible.

The chip on the card is not just flash memory, but a small computer capable of running applications.

When the chip is inserted into a POS terminal, a series of steps begins.
The first step is called initialization, where the terminal receives basic information like the cardholder’s name, card expiration date, and the list of applications the card can run.

The second step is an optional one called data authentication. Here, the terminal verifies if the card is genuine by using cryptographic algorithms. This process is more complex and detailed than what we can discuss here.

The third step is another optional one called cardholder verification.

The cardholder needs to provide either a PIN code or a signature (depending on how the card is programmed). This step ensures that the person using the card is the same person it was issued to.

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