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Netherlands ID card Are you planning a trip to Amsterdam? Looking to spend an evening in a club or bar? Well, you may need a Dutch ID card to access most of the places conveniently.

However, before you can even have that privileged document, you must prove your citizenship status.

All of this requires a lot of formalities and paperwork, and that’s the step you’d like to skip.

Get the Dutch identity you deserve and do whatever you want.

Hardly anyone would be able to catch the difference between our ID card made for Dutch nationals and the original one.

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If you want to get Dutch documents without red-tape procedures, you are at the right place. We bring our experience into play by replicating every security feature of a government-issued identity card. Even the registration number is valid!

No other supplier can guarantee this level of authenticity for a Dutch ID card.

We keep all your data confidential until the delivery is completed. Should there be any issues, you can rest assured your details will never be questioned.

No matter where you stay or what you do, we help everyone get a national ID in the Netherlands without any verification.

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Dutch ID card, also known as a Nederlandse identiteitskaart (NIK), offers numerous benefits for Dutch citizens and residents.

It serves as a primary form of identification within the Netherlands and facilitates various aspects of daily life, including access to services, travel within the European Union, and secure online authentication.

Benefits of having a Netherland ID card

  1. Essential Form of Identification:
  • A Dutch ID card is a widely accepted and recognized form of identification within the Netherlands. It is often required for various purposes, including opening a bank account, applying for a job, accessing government services, or proving your identity when interacting with authorities or businesses.

  • It serves as a convenient and reliable way to establish your identity and address, particularly for individuals who do not have a driver’s license.

  1. Access to Age-Restricted Activities:
  • A Dutch ID card includes the holder’s date of birth, making it an essential tool for age verification. It is often required for activities with age restrictions, such as purchasing alcohol, tobacco products, or entering certain establishments.

  • Having a Dutch ID card ensures that you can legally participate in age-restricted activities without any hassle or inconvenience.

  1. Proof of Residency and Identity:
  • A Dutch ID card serves as official proof of residency in the Netherlands, which can be useful when applying for services or benefits that require residency verification.

  • It also provides a convenient way to establish your identity when interacting with various institutions or individuals.

  1. Travel Facilitation within EU and Schengen Area:
  • Dutch citizens and residents can use their ID cards as a travel document within the European Union (EU) and Schengen Area countries, allowing for seamless border crossings and identification checks.

  • It eliminates the need to carry a passport for travel within these regions, making it easier and more convenient to move freely within Europe.


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  1. Noah

    Ik was zo blij met de kwaliteit van de Nederlandse identiteitskaart die ik online kocht. Ze zien er zo echt en authentiek uit

  2. thomas

    Ik zou deze service zeker aanbevelen aan iedereen die online echte identiteitskaarten wil kopen.

  3. Caleb

    Ik was zo onder de indruk van de snelle levering van mijn voorbeeld-ID-kaarten.

  4. CJ

    zo dankbaar voor de klantenservice die ik heb ontvangen. Ik had een paar vragen over het bestelproces en het klantenserviceteam was zeer behulpzaam en responsief.

  5. Zion

    Ik was zo onder de indruk van de betaalbare prijzen van de identiteitskaarten online. Ik kon voor een zeer redelijke prijs een Nederlandse identiteitskaart van hoge kwaliteit kopen

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