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Get Portugal Driver License Online

Embark on your driving journey with confidence. Visit our website today and apply for your Portugal driver’s license online without taking tests and exams


If you need our help in getting a Portuguese license, we will ensure you get one at the earliest.

You can either use it as a ticket to drive or as your identity card.


Get Portugal drivers license

Get a Portugal drivers license online. You can use an international license to drive in Portugal when you are here for a temporary visit.

A Portuguese drivers license (carta de condução) is a government-issued document that authorizes the holder to operate a motor vehicle in Portugal.

Also, it is required for all types of motor vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and trucks.

Requirements for Obtaining a Portuguese Drivers License

* Be at least 18 years old for a full driver’s license.
* Be a resident of Portugal or have a valid residence permit.
* Have a valid identification document, such as a passport or Citizen Card (Cartão de Cidadão).
* Pass a medical exam conducted by an authorized physician.
* Pass a theory test (exame de código) covering the rules of the road, traffic signs and signals, and safe driving practices.
* Pass a practical driving test (exame de condução) assessing your ability to operate a motor vehicle safely in real-world conditions.

However, with Top Notes and Docs, you can GET DRIVERS LICENSE ONLINE without taking the test nor the required
practical exam.

After applying, submit the required documents and make payments.

The license we provide is valid for 10 years, and you must renew it before it expires.

Benefits of Having a Portuguese Drivers License

* Freedom to drive anywhere in Portugal.
* Valid identification for various purposes, such as opening a bank account or renting a car.
* Enhances employment opportunities, especially in transportation or logistics.
* Enables independent travel and exploration of Portugal’s beautiful landscapes and cities.

If you are planning to live or work in Portugal, obtaining a Portuguese driver’s license is essential for convenient transportation and personal mobility.

However, if you are a foreigner seeking permanent residency, you may have to apply for a license within a given timeframe.

This requires you to showcase proof of residency and citizenship status.

Furthermore, you also have to pass theoretical, technical, and practical exams to be Portugal driver’s license considered for a permanent license.

Add to that the cost of attending mandatory 32 hours of lessons, and it’s evident you wouldn’t want to put yourself in such a stressful situation when you can easily get a fake Portuguese driving license.

Top Notes and Docs does all the hard work for you in crafting the most authentic documents.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a non-EU national or an EU resident. We are here to help.

Buy a Portuguese drivers license online

Nobody likes too many questions. We all get frustrated by the idea of answering them and showing up for appointments.

Getting a driving license in Portugal should not feel like a punishment. We put our best possible efforts into ensuring our customers can leverage our services to not feel it anymore!

Portugal drivers license You can be of any age or from any country.

If you need our help in getting a Portuguese license, we will ensure you get one at the earliest. You can either use it as a ticket to drive or as your identity card.

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  1. Pedro C

    Fiquei tão impressionado com o preço acessível do Top Notes and Docs

  2. Francisco

    O processo foi direto e as instruções claras. Recebi minha licença pelo correio alguns dias depois.

  3. Miguel

    Fiquei muito impressionado com a facilidade de obter minha carteira de motorista on-line por meio do Top Notes and Docs

  4. Antonio M

    Eu recomendo fortemente este serviço para quem deseja obter sua carteira de motorista online.

  5. Matilde

    Consegui tirar minha carteira de motorista por menos da metade do que me custaria para ir ao DMV

  6. Afonso A

    é muito fácil comprar uma carta de condução portuguesa online em

  7. Beatriz

    Carteira de motorista de melhor qualidade vendida online

  8. Nick

    The regular method of getting a Portuguese drivers license is very complicated for non nationals. Thanks for the services you provide

  9. Sofia

    tirar carteira de motorista sem fazer os exames aqui

  10. Francisco

    Eu definitivamente recomendaria este serviço para quem deseja comprar sua carteira de motorista online

  11. Mateus

    Posso converter isso em uma carteira de motorista internacional?

  12. Berto

    Fiquei muito impressionado com o serviço online para carteira de motorista! O procedimento foi tão simples e direto, e consegui obter minha nova carteira de motorista em apenas alguns dias. O atendimento ao cliente também foi excelente, e eles sempre estavam felizes em responder às minhas perguntas. Eu recomendo vivamente este serviço a quem precisar de uma nova carteira de motorista!

  13. Carey

    A princípio, fiquei um pouco cético em usar um serviço online para carteira de motorista, mas estou tão feliz por ter feito isso! O processo foi muito mais simples e rápido do que ir ao DMV.

  14. Francisco

    Pude preencher a inscrição e enviar todos os documentos necessários online, e recebi minha nova carteira de motorista pelo correio em uma semana. Eu definitivamente usaria este serviço novamente!

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